As most of the community is aware, we have struggled in the past 2 years finding and retaining our KPOA staff. Our General Manager has worked hard to bring in quality employees and work out schedules to meet the needs of the community. We believe that our current staff is fully capable to meet this need, but adjustments are ongoing.

If you or another community member has a problem with any of the KPOA facilities or functions, the path to have this addressed is to call our Admin office and explain the situation. If your problem is not solved, or if you are not able to reach someone, the best course of action is to send an e-mail the Board of Directors. KPOA_board@kalapoint.org

Summer heat is both a welcome change from the cloudy cold weather we are famous for, but it can also fray the nerves. So, let’s keep our cool and know that the staff is working really hard to support each and every one of us.

Thank you.