About Kala Point

About Kala Point

The Kala Point community is a common-interest residential homeowners association (HOA). By purchasing or building within Kala Point homeowners agree to follow the HOA’s governing documents, which include Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions of Record (CC&Rs), Rules and Regulations, By-Laws and detailed Administrative Policies and Procedures (APPs). APPs are board-enacted rules. The protective umbrella of these governing documents works in the best interest of all homeowners ensuring higher standards of neighborhood appearance and enhancing the collective value of the homes.

Our community covers about 370 acres and lots are about 1/3 acre, some larger, some smaller. We pay annual Association Fees which we have tried to keep low while also providing enjoyable amenities. Members vote on our Annual Budget, by laws, governing documents and APP’s, which are then implemented by our Board of Directors. The Board and Committees are run by Kala Point resident volunteers. We have 8-10 employees who maintain and run our business and Clubhouse.

Considerable property at Kala Point is held in common:

Open Areas: These areas include about 7 ½ miles of paved roads and parking areas, the bluff slopes, “Tract A” between Nantucket and Windship Drives, the large areas between Cedarview and Kala Heights Drives, the narrow easements connecting some streets as well as our walking trails.

Entrance Gate, Mail Stations and Bulletin Boards: The entrance gate area includes a gate house kiosk, mail station, and a bulletin board. There are 6 other mail stations around the property that also include bulletin boards where event flyers, community activities, miscellaneous notices and KPOA Board meeting agendas and minutes are posted. There is a bulletin board at the Clubhouse as well.

Storage Lots: Kala Point Owners’ Association currently houses two storage lots. Members rent spaces annually and all spaces are assigned through the KPOA Office. The original lot (Lot A) is off Pinecrest Drive and the newer, larger lot (Lot B) is located at the west end of Kala Point Drive by the Administration Building. An annual rental fee for these storage lot spaces varies, depending on the length of the space.

Association Office: The Kala Point Owners’ Association Office is located at the end of Kala Point Drive, in Storage Lot B. Association business is conducted there and many committees hold their regular meetings in the Office conference room. The Association Maintenance Shop is on the ground floor of the building and the Office on the second floor is open:

8:30 AM – 2:30 PM Monday through Thursday
8:30 AM – 1:00 PM Friday Closed Weekends and Major Holidays

Governance Structure:

KPOA incorporates four sub-associations under its umbrella. Each association has its own Board of Directors that govern the organization and they all assess and bill independently of KPOA.

  • The Kala Point Village Association (KPVA) includes all Timeshare Owners and can be reached at 360-385-2367 or online at www.kpvillage.com.
  • The Kala Bluffs Condominium Association (KBCA) includes all condominiums located on Bluffs Dr., Bluffs Ct., Bluffs Ln. and Upper Bluffs Dr. Questions can be directed to Property Manager Mike McGouran by phone at (Cell) 360-821-8157 or 360-821-8377.
  • The Kala Heights Condominium Association (KHCA) includes all condominiums on Seaview Ct. and is managed by a Board of Directors. Please call the KPOA Office at 360-385-0814 to get contact info for the KHCA Board members.
  • The Kala Point Condominium Association (KPCA) includes all condominiums on Harborview Dr., Sailview Dr. and Sailview Ct. Questions can be directed to Property Manager Mike McGouran by phone at (Cell) 360-821-8377.