Homes, Condos & Timeshares

The Kala Point community consists of 602 units. 504 are designated for single family homes.  Every lot, home, condo and timeshare unit at Kala Point is part of the Kala Point Owners’ Association (KPOA).

This means that ALL owners pay the KPOA Annual Assessment. The billing is usually sent out by mid November along with voting material for the KPOA Annual Budget. The KPOA annual assessments are due by January 15th each year. 


The assessment is used to fund the Operating and Reserve budgets that pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the amenities and community buildings at Kala Point, as well as the repair and repaving of our private roads. It also funds the long range plans to replace permanent structures and other assets.


 Homeowners maintain their own homes and lots. Designs and colors are regulated by the Association CC&R’s and APP’s. Property values have steadily increased since Kala Point was created in the 1970’s and sales have been strong, with only 10 lots left to be developed


There are 3 condo associations in Kala Point. Lots, homes and condos all pay the same fixed amount and have the option to either pay all at once (due by January 15th) or split the payments into two, with half due by January 15th and half due by May 15th. 

Kala Point Condominium Association (KPCA) on Harborview Drive, Sailview Drive and Sailview Court consists of 4 dark brown buildings opposite the Clubhouse. Those buildings have 37 units and are maintained by a property management company. Questions can be directed to Property Manager Mike McGouran by phone at (Cell) 360-821-8157 or 360-821-8377.

The Kala Bluffs Condominium Association (KBCA) includes 51 townhouses on the left side of Sailview Drive that are located on Bluffs Dr., Bluffs Ct., Bluffs Lane and Upper Bluffs Dr. They are managed by the same property management company. For more information, contact Property Manager Mike McGouran by phone at (Cell) 360-821-8157 or 360-821-8377. 

January 2023

Kala Heights Association (KHCA) consists of 5 duplexes (10 units) on Seaview Court, a cul de sac on the right past the tennis courts off Kala Heights Drive. These units are managed by the owners and have their own Board of Directors. For more information, contact Jim Gorski, President at jamesmgorski@icloud.com.


Kala Point Village Association (KPVA) includes all Timeshare Owners and can be reached at 360-385-2367 or online at www.kpvillage.com. There are 38 time share units, owned by 456 people.

Timeshare owners pay a different fixed amount which is due in its entirety on or before January 15th of each calendar year.

Each sub group has its own Board of Directors that govern the organization and they all pay a separate assessment fee as well as their KPOA fee.