The long-awaited day has arrived.  After over a year of studying, planning, designing, building, then migrating, updating, and creating new content, the new KPOA website is going live!  It features an intuitive navigation structure serving the three purposes: 1) informing/engaging members & residents, 2) facilitating governance work, and 3) promoting Kala Point (in that order).

We are starting with a clean slate – asking residents to re-register on this site. 

We’re doing this because the user list on the old website included many accounts of folks who no longer live or own in Kala Point.  The Board has set a goal of achieving a 50% re-registration on the new website within 60 days of launch (that’s 400 registrations).  

To see if you are already registered, CLICK HERE! 

Also, a big thank you to the folks who served on the Website Advisory Committee: Scott Rovanpera, Dan Kimball, Donna Colwell, Keith Larson, Felice Thompson, Michael Machette, Mike Burk, Charles Fauley, and Louise Tragard.  And, of course, to Assai Web Design, Sequim WA, for turning our vision and specifications into a very nice website. 

Gary Obermeyer, Board Director and Webmaster